Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Brume Parfumée Femme 236ml

₱1,599.00 ₱2,250.00

Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Brume Parfumée Femme 236ml

₱1,599.00 ₱2,250.00
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À quoi ça ressemble : l'expression douce, florale et parfumée de se sentir jolie en rose.

Notes parfumées : poire rouge pétillante, pétales de jasmin, fleur de tiaré, orchidée vanille et musc mousseline.

Ce qu'il fait : parfume votre peau avec une brume légère comme l'air super superposable.

Pourquoi vous allez adorer :

  • La vraie façon de parfumer
  • Conçu pour une grande couverture
  • Fabriqué sans parabènes
  • Testé dermatologiquement

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Customer Reviews

Based on 305 reviews
Aminat Agboola

The scent of this spray is esome

Titilope Chibike

One of my favorites scents

Olumide Isreal

 Unfortunately, this bottle was scratched up, the bottle leaked a little in the bag it was in, and it looks less full. Perhaps it was used before it was sent and the paper label isn't smooth like it normally is. The scent isn't strong either. It's smells more like it's watered down or very old. The bottle feels rough and possibly hairspray residue on it? Not sure if this was supposed to be a new bottle or used? I thought I purchased a new bottle and it was in the plastic sleeve it normally is shipped in, but it sure seems used to me?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jaren Trantow

the sent is wonderful. everyone needs to try this sent!!!!

Ambika Kohli

I love the scent of this and grew fond of it when my wife started using it. She has changed to another product, but I found that I could enjoy it as an air freshener. Very nice.

sibongile Phillips

This smells amazing!!

Bronwyn Wood

Endless compliments on the smell

Nidhi Choudhry

Got what I needed and wife loves it

Basanti Rastogi

At first it was opal the first 5 second when u spray then it starts smelling like old candy n it gave me a headache!Wasn’t the original packaging from the photo that’s the only reason y I bought it thinking it was the original one . No it’s the new ugly smelly one . Don’t purchase

Lucius Gusikowski

My granddaughter loves it