Jo Malone Roses Rouges Cologne Unisexe 100ml

₱7,550.00 ₱8,500.00

Jo Malone Roses Rouges Cologne Unisexe 100ml

₱7,550.00 ₱8,500.00
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L'essence de la romance moderne, inspirée par un mélange voluptueux de sept des roses les plus exquises au monde. Avec des feuilles de violette écrasées et une pointe de citron, il se déploie comme un bouquet de fleurs fraîchement coupées.

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Omolara Adaobi

As gift

Dale Reynolds

I love fresh scents, light, refreshing, pretty!

Kayli Lang

I love this perfume because I love fresh, clean scents and this perfume is so refreshing. I sometimes can feel nauseous or get a headache from perfumes that have overpowering scents. This one is perfect if you like a fresh perfume that isn't overpowering but sticks on your clothes in a nice way.

Katarina Byanyima

The bottle of Jo Malone Red Roses was mailed out to me without a box. Not sure if it was someone else's personal bottle first or what. The scent doesn't smell like it would be the original scent, much more faint. I will be asking for a refund. Not worth the money I spent.

Monica Stander

You have to put 4 to 5 spray just to smell it on your self. And then you will have to touch up by the end of the day. Super light sent. Beautifull but light sent, will not buy another bottle.

Kirstin Torphy

Beautiful scent

Jovany Purdy

Para uso personal, me encanta! es un olor suave, agradable.

Chinyere Ajakaiye

FAKE cologne

Travis Kisitu

I received a perfume without original box , the real Jo Malone has an original box

Malachi Bosco

I got a sample of this in t he mail and, I know I'm the odd woman out here, but, an hour after sampling, I still have strong bug spray vibes. Maybe because I got a sample it's been overheated and way too alcohol/synthetic forward.In all fairness, I'm not a floral/fruity perfume wearer. I just thought I'd test it to see whether my tastes had changed. I did go a long period wearing Serge Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose and did enjoy the complexity of that, but this is just too much pear and synthetic/alcohol scent for me.