Penhaligon's Artemisia Eau de Parfum 100ml Pour Femme [Londres]

₱9,999.00 ₱10,500.00

Penhaligon's Artemisia Eau de Parfum 100ml Pour Femme [Londres]

₱9,999.00 ₱10,500.00
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Artemisia de Penhaligon's est un parfum Ambré pour femme. Artemisia a été lancé en 2002. Les notes de tête sont Nectarine et Notes vertes; les notes de coeur sont Violette, Vanille, Muguet, Thé, Jasmin et Pomme verte; les notes de fond sont Musc, Bois de santal, Mousse de chêne et Ambre.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Annabel Schuppe

Do not buy this!! It is not the real product.

Christiaan Roberts

love the fragrance . package arrived without damage.

Gavin Carter

Literally my favorite perfume. Kinda vanilla-y.

Oliver Turcotte

Lovely. Classy. Feminine. Light vanilla and some other scents. When it sits on the skin for an hour or two it comes alive. Highly recommended!

Onoriode Olaoluwa

Love this scent

Abimbola Kayode

I have been using Artemesia since it was introduced. This bottle did not smell anything like I remembered. There were no top notes and the sweet powdery smell was missing. How could this have happened?

Bonnie Atuhire

I have been using this perfume for some time, but this last order that came in was disappointing, and I will never order it again. Unfortunately since I opened it, I'm unable to return it.The bottle was a little bigger then the previous ones, so I thought maybe they sent me Eau de Cologne instead of Eau de Parfum, but the label was accurate. Maybe this was an old batch that had expired it's shelf life long time ago..don't know. But for sure, it's not Eau de Parfum, and if the company made changes to its formula, they made a huge mistake because there is hardly a scent, and no lingering memory of any kind.

Katherine Kasumba

After I purchased Penhaligon's Endymion for my fiancee and read that this perfume is the partner to it, I decided to try it out. I could tell from the incredible quality of his cologne that the pairing perfume would be stunning too. It's hard for me to describe how the perfume smells; to be honest I'm not very experienced with them and before this I would use a couple of spritzes of what my mother had around. But even not knowing much, I can tell it really is a special experience to wear. It's classical and feminine, noticeable without being overpowering, and it lasts throughout the day. I've had it for almost two years and I want to wear this for many more in the future.

Maria Walker

The only perfume I can wear that doesn't affect my allergies. Get compliments all the time.

Earnest Muhwezi

Smells so good!