Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur pour Homme 125 ml

₱3,800.00 ₱5,999.00

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur pour Homme 125 ml

₱3,800.00 ₱5,999.00
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"Ce que je fais, c'est vivre la meilleure vie possible et profiter de la plénitude de la vie qui vous entoure. De ce que vous portez à la façon dont vous vivez à la façon dont vous aimez. - Ralph Lauren.

Nous sommes un dans la conception et la commercialisation de produits de style de vie haut de gamme. Depuis plus de 50 ans, notre réputation et notre image emblématique se sont constamment développées à travers un nombre croissant de produits, de marques et de marchés à travers le monde. Notre objectif permanent, qui guide tout ce que nous faisons, est d'inspirer le rêve d'une vie meilleure grâce à l'authenticité et au style intemporel.

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Customer Reviews

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Alejandra Mueller

There is not any scent in this perfume. I think is not even the original one.

Madonna Baumbach

I'm female, and I like to wear male-oriented scents like this, because they are often less sugary sweet than women's fragrances. Polo Red is a mildly sweet spice that fades quickly and dries down to something soft and cozy, almost like cinnamon (although frankly it's probably the combo of coffee and amber.) I don't smell any of the grapefruit or cranberry that is supposed to be in here, and that's fine. it's really just an inoffensive, pleasant spice that disappears within about an hour.I saw some reviews complaining about the short lifespan of this fragrance, and while it's true that it doesn't last long on the skin, I do think there are some advantages. First of all, it's a spice that you could actually wear during spring and maybe even summer seasons, unlike most spices. Secondly, there is nothing worse than a man (or woman) who douses themselves in fragrance. It's so inconsiderate, especially if you are going to be in an office or an enclosed space like an airplane. So a scent that makes you happy when you first apply it, then quietly disappears into a whisper is much better for those forced to be around you. I'd much rather that people wear light fragrance than heavy, cloying scents. If you desperately need it to last longer, try spraying your hair instead.

Madilyn Romaguera

Last a long time in my husband and he loves the smell

Evelyn Dickens

Cologne has a great scent that lasts throughout the day. I tend to receive compliments when wearing this scent.

Mellie Yundt

Waited for the price to come down, after smelling it I would’ve paid full price. Great scent and nothing but compliments about it.

Arvilla Walker

Faker than my grandmother's wig!

Felicita Metz

Me encanto

Myrtle Stamm

strong but not over bearing

Elena Stanton

Always getting compliments on the cologne! Plus scent lasts most of the day

Candida Mosciski

Love this scent - best ever!