[TESTER] AMOUAGE Interlude Eau de Parfum Homme Vaporisateur 100ml

₱5,999.00 ₱18,000.00

[TESTER] AMOUAGE Interlude Eau de Parfum Homme Vaporisateur 100ml

₱5,999.00 ₱18,000.00
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Homme d'intermède par Amouage est un parfum Ambre Boisé pour homme. Homme d'intermède a été lancé en 2012. Le nez derrière ce parfum est Pierre Negrin. Les notes de tête sont Origan, Poivre et Bergamote; les notes de coeur sont Encens, Opoponax, Ambre et Ciste; les notes de fond sont Cuir, Bois d'agar (Oud), Bois de santal et Patchouli.

Amouage présente une nouvelle paire de parfums sous le nom d'Interlude. On dit que Interlude Woman et Interlude Man évoquent un air de désordre tout en maintenant un sentiment d'équilibre et de tranquillité grâce à l'utilisation inventive de l'encens et de la myrrhe.

Christopher Chong a déclaré : « J'interprète ce que je vois et ressens en odeurs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Chinyere Chibuike

Quite expensive. Fragrance & performance not up to price.

Brando Toy

You don’t have to love incense to wear this, but you should like incense. If you have zero like for incense, this is not for you. Because of its notes, i would only wear when the leaves change in the fall: Septemberish to early November, i’d wear this. The smoky quality would do well in crisp October air. Definitely not for spring or summer, IMO.

Laura Garibay

El mejor perfume

Yolandi Matthews

It’s potent, rich smoky fragrance. I could still smell it on wrists even after having a shower. Absolutely love it.

Onome Abiodun

The scent don’t feel original. It’s for personal use

Megha Behl

Its 100 % fake

Akeem Bukenya

I ordered a Amouage interlude Man from Gapras - was meant to be a present for my brother. Gapras send me the Interlude Woman. I sent pictures (attached below) and requested a replacement. Gapras responded briefly sayOMG they can’t see it’s for women. The label clearly says Eau De Perfum Woman, Pour Femme’Despite the Label On box clearly showing that it’s Interlude Woman, apparently Gapras can’t see this.Very disappointed at the rubbish customer service first by sendind the wrong product and now by refusing to acknowledge their error and put things right. I Sincerely hope I can get my money back as it’s NOT cheap!

nozipho Jonker

Amazing smell

Marianita Galli

Buono come profumo , un buon odore , lunga tenuta !

Christian Upton

It is a very bad product. It is not worth the money s at all. And the sales company they never answered so you can’t trust them I will never ever buy from them at all and I advise everyone not too waste there money with this company