[TESTER] Nina Ricci L'Extase Rose Absolue Eau De Parfum 80ml

₱2,200.00 ₱6,999.00

[TESTER] Nina Ricci L'Extase Rose Absolue Eau De Parfum 80ml

₱2,200.00 ₱6,999.00
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L'Extase Rose Absolue est une fragrance chaude, épicée, florale et boisée imprégnée de sophistication et de séduction féminines. Créé en 2017, ce parfum pour femme de la maison de design Nina Ricci présente des notes de poivre rose et de poivre noir au début pour un départ épicé. Le cœur est rempli de notes de pivoine et de cèdre pour une chaleur. Incarnant la féminité, les parfums exotiques de Patchouli, Musc et Vanille à la base créent des sentiments d'énergie positive autour de vous.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Fardeen Ganesh

Love the bottle design. Enjoy the scent

Obaid Parmer

I love the scent and the fact that my husband loves it is even better.

Estella Lesch

This scent is beautiful and classy. The only issue I have with this is that it doesn’t last. You have continue to spray it.

Leann Von

Exactly what I expected in this bottle. Beautiful rose fragrance.

Erin Powell

I have made this my shower to bed fragrance. It's just for me, not the world, and I LOVE it! Perfect dupe of Maison's Satin Mood. It's actually the same perfumer, so, makes sense that it smells delicious. I love its warm powdery undernotes with rose.

Colt Bins

A slightly jammy, sweet, opulent rose perfume. It's not heavy or powdery and has this slight freshness to it.At first I was worried that this would be too mature, however 'Rose Absolue' is youthful and classy.It's got good performance, not super strong but above standard designer perfumes.The rose is the strongest note by far, it's got a bit of the MFK Oud Satin Mood vibe going on but with a lot more rose!Highly recommend snatching this up if you're a fan of youthful sweet roses. Apparently 'Rose Absolue' is discontinued and getting harder to find. Absolutely stunning!

Sumayyah Joshua

I love this rose perfume with smooth powdery notes and a punch of pepper. Heavy and heady, exactly how I like a perfume to be.

Onome Kimberly

So beautiful

Wale Olufeyikemi

If you love the scent of rose oil then this perfume is perfect and the smell lasts all day!

Vega Morales

Me encantó, es fuerte al principio y con carácter, después se queda acompañándote pero con menor estela