Le Labo Mini Perfume 4 in 1 Gift Set 30ml x4

₱5,950.00 ₱9,999.00

Le Labo Mini Perfume 4 in 1 Gift Set 30ml x4

₱5,950.00 ₱9,999.00
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Perfume item:

  • Sandalwood 33 perfume Net content: 30ML*4
  • Fragrance: Sandalwood
  • Fragrance: tree fragrance Color
  • classification: Four-piece suit (Sandalwood 33 Black Tea 29 Rose 31 Different Kind 13)
  • Perfume classification: Perfume EDP

[Another 13] My favorite is "Different No. 13". In the previous perfume recommendation, I wrote that my favorite number is 13 and this is said to be the taste closest to the human body. It is a personalized artificial taste with natural spices. Simple and particularly non-aggressive after the tone is really good to smell explosive and addictive!!!!! [Fragrance: Ambergris, Musk, Sunflower, Cedar, Pear, Amyl Salicylate]

【Santal 33】The famous "Sanmuxiang No.33" from the beginning to the end is pure and neutral woody aroma, which restores the wheat straw aroma of high-quality sandalwood, and then has a slightly sweet milky aroma and sharp sweetness. Greasy gives people a kind of gentle and confident feeling light and breezy, very comfortable and not difficult to approach [Fragrance: Sandalwood, Cedar, Cardamom, Violet, Papyrus, Leather, Amber]

The Noir 29] "Black Tea No. 29" The top note is the kind of honey, fig, laurel, which has a little brewing feel. In fact, I think there is a bit of ink. The bottom note has a bit of sour and dry tobacco flavor. The black tea flavor is not clear and fresh. Natural and not angry and prestigious, I don’t really like sweet fragrance, but I think it smells good [Fragrance: Bergamot, fig, bay leaf, cedar, vetiver, musk, tobacco

[Rose 31] Le Labo's first perfume "Rose No. 31" uses 31 ingredients to perfectly collide the rose and wood into a strong, soft and sexy. I think the TOP1 among the many rose perfumes, the woody rose is mixed A cold and bitter taste, exquisite and cold, not gaudy at all [Fragrance: Rose, Cumin, Vetiver, Cedar, Musk, Guaiac, Labdanum, Agarwood]