Terre d'Hermes Hermès Eau De Toillette 100ml

₱3,950.00 ₱4,999.00

Terre d'Hermes Hermès Eau De Toillette 100ml

₱3,950.00 ₱4,999.00
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The strength of citrus fruits and peppers combined with a note of flint reveal the trace of earth.

Olfactory emotion: Spicy, Dry
Main raw materials: Grapefruit, Cedar, Flint

Made in France

Volume:6.76 fl.oz

The story behind

Terre d’Hermes narrates the relationship between man and earth, his humble and harmonious dialogue with the elements of nature. It is the perfume that connects man to his origins, to the source of his creative power.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
Marian B
Perfect Gift!

I bought this for my husband, He loves it a lot

Dallas Witting

First, I really like this scent. I’ve tried both the EDT and EDP and enjoy both. However, neither last very long at all. Bought both directly from Amazon (Amazon was the seller) and I was very disappointed. I tried this scent before I bought it via a sample from Microperfumes.com and loved it and it did last quite awhile. Unfortunately these did not. May try spending a bit more and buy from Nordstrom to see if it performs any better. Love the fragrance, do not the longevity I get from these Amazon purchases fragrances.

Myrtis Bednar

Scent is one of a kind. No crazy musk. Great undertones. Scent stays on you for hours and females (and males) love the mild yet powerful smell. A little pricey but worth it.

Talia Graham

the scent lasts long though I just use a little bit

Fay Price

A great value for a timeless scent!

Abbey O'Conner

Love it

Hellen Hegmann

Amazing smell for the value of it. Personally, it’s one of my favorites. It’s like a masculine citrus.

Marietta Tillman

Fiel al original

Emma Turcotte

Smells great!

Cleta Towne

Smells great, strong yet gentle. I checked the batch code and it was produced on 2020, fresh date! I am happy with my purchase!